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时时彩软件app大全:Shanghai Free trade port plan ready to usher in configuration opportunities

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内容摘要: Around the Free Trade Zone and the Technology Innovation Center to Build Two Major National Strategies, Shanghai Municipal Committee and Ma...

Around the Free Trade Zone and the Technology Innovation Center to Build Two Major National Strategies, Shanghai Municipal Committee and Mayor Ying Yong said at the 42nd meeting of the 14th NPC Standing Committee on the 27th in Shanghai that the comprehensive free trade zone The program of reform and opening up has clearly defined 98 key tasks and will be completed next year. Shanghai will actively explore the construction of a free trade port and speed up the construction of a scientific and technological innovation center with global influence. It will focus on the four important aspects of the construction of Zhangjiang's comprehensive national science center and pay close attention to its promotion and implementation. Shanghai Securities News also said Shanghai Free Trade Port program or in the country two sessions after the debut.

Compared with the FTZ, the free trade port belongs to the special economic function zone and is no longer a special customs control zone. There will be a major change in management concept, object, mode, system and development orientation. The first legislation after the establishment of the district has become the practice of international free trade ports set up to the laws and regulations to protect the free trade port of sustainable development.

Northeast Securities : Through the experience of building free trade ports in Hong Kong and Singapore, we can see that the increase of trade freedom, the increase of financial freedom and the increase of investment freedom are the extensions of the relative free trade area of ??free trade port construction. The increase of trade freedom will bring the logistics and port catalysis and the opening up to a higher level will bring about an increase in the trade volume. The increase of financial freedom will speed up the development of the international banking business. International Business Development, Opening Up the Development Space for the International Business of Domestic Banks ; Increasing investment freedom will bring new industries to gather and benefit real estate, business, technology and cultural tourism.

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